A clear-cut process

We make the entire process a breeze. From start to finish, we’ve got your back.

I need a home loan... where do I start?
Step 1

I need a home loan... where do I start?

Contact one of our friendly brokers who will spend a few minutes understanding your unique personal situation and give you the run down on what to expect from us.

We’ll also explain how we are different (i.e. better) to other brokers, why we are a smarter option than going direct to the bank and why it’s worth an hour of your time to come and see us. Even if you have an existing loan approval in place and simply want a second opinion – we’re more than happy to help.

Most of the following information is specific to the process of buying a property, but a home loan refinance or debt consolidation works in a similar way without the legal bits. 


Come and see us
Step 2

Come and see us

When you come to visit us, in our city office, we’ll run through the complex world of home lending in a way that you will easily understand… it’s what we’re here for. By the end of your appointment you will be clear on:

  • What we’ll be doing for you throughout the loan application process and beyond
  • How the entire home buying journey works
  • Which lender, loan product  and loan structure is the right fit for you (from over 2,500 available options)
  • The different types of loan products available
  • The paperwork that your lender will need and the parties (e.g. your solicitor and agent) that we will be liaising with on your behalf
  • the time-line that we are all working to
The process is underway
Step 3

The process is underway

When a loan product, loan structure and lender has been agreed on, we will submit the application on your behalf. Once it’s lodged we will push and push to get you a loan approval as fast as we can.

If there are issues, we will sort them; if there are delays, we will work to overcome them. Keeping you fully informed at every stage.

Our number 1  customer service objective is that this part of the process is hassle-free. While we sadly can’t control the loan assessment experience at the lender level, we’ll be working hard on your behalf to overcome any obstacles they identify, to help keep your stress levels as low as possible.

HOORAY! You're approved
Step 4

HOORAY! You're approved

Once your approval comes through, we will send a copy to your solicitor and arrange any deposit bonds, if required, to ensure you are ready to exchange contracts.

Then it’s time to sign!

We will then arrange another time to meet up to:

  • Revisit the loan structure, the loan product and new home loan repayments
  • Discuss how the settlement process works and what you need to do in preparation
  • Thoroughly review and clearly explain the loan offer/mortgage documents
  • Make sure all of your questions or concerns are covered off

At this point we will also help you with First Home Owners Grants, discharge forms, guarantor documents and any other paperwork required.

Leave it to us
Step 5

Leave it to us

All the documentation is sent back to your lender and now we push them again: this time to ensure everything is in order and ready for settlement.

We will work closely with your solicitor during this crucial phase of the process and provide you with regular updates as we help guide you through this final part of the purchase journey.

Home sweet home... loan
Step 6

Home sweet home... loan

Your loan is settled, you’re in and it’s done! Congratulations! But don’t worry, we won’t be resting on our laurels.

There will still be regular contact, updates and phone calls from Clarity to ensure you remain happy with everything related to your home loan.

And of course – if you want to refinance, buy another home, purchase an investment property or just have a chat about your finances, we are always here to offer any advice or assistance you need.