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Upgrading Homes -Buy First or Sell First?

Fact sheet

One of our most common inquiries we receive is around how to transition from one home into another. This brochure covers many of the points we discuss in a face to face meeting with our clients.

Why calculating your living expenses before applying for a home loan is so important.

Fact sheet

How to prepare for a Home Loan application and give yourself the best chance of obtaining a smooth and hassle free approval.

Using a guarantor to help you buy a home – is it right for you?

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Having trouble saving a deposit for a home purchase, possibly the use of a guarantor can help you enter the property market sooner.

Being a guarantor – is it right for you?

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Buying a home is an exciting milestone, but the biggest hurdle for many first time buyers is the difficulty of saving a deposit. Are you in a position to help out your offspring and are you aware of the risks attached to a guarantee?